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Where rhythm and harmony find their way into your soul.

About us

White Tail Organic Farm is born from the passion for nature and the Alto Monferrato, an area rich with history, beautiful landscapes and excellent products.

In an increasingly frenetic and virtual society, we have decided to create a place where it is possible to free yourself from city stress and disconnect from the everyday routine to rediscover harmony with nature and its rhythms. Immersed in the tranquility of the sun-kissed hills, our White Tail Organic Farm B&B offers a comfortable and relaxing environment, with a refined and elegant character.

Thanks to the cultivation of the Tonda Gentile del Piemonte PGI hazelnut, our organic company aims to create a sustainable and innovative production aimed at promoting and enhancing the still too little known Alto Monferrato area.

Why the name "White Tail"?
"White Tail"?

The name White Tail refers to the white tail of the roe deer that often come to visit us in the fields of the estate. Shy and elegant, roe deer are part of a rich local ecosystem that we try to preserve through non-invasive cultivation techniques and without the use of pesticides.

Alto Monferrato is characterized by a hilly area that is home to a great variety of animal species and vegetables. In addition to roe deer, it is quite easy to spot foxes, hares and wild boars while among the more shy and wary animals we find the dormouse, the weasel and the marten. Between the Ligurian Apennines and the Po ‘plain. Alto Monferrato represents an essential stage for many migratory birds. Among the most beautiful species, both migratory and sedentary, we find the common buzzards, pheasants, the great tit, wagtail, red-legged partridge and hawks, including the kestrel.